Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jungle Go Tsuna [NARUHO 堂]


  1. I did not know what is hentai ,up until a day my friend school told about it.From my point of view, animes were not created for proportional sexual pleasure.

    It is Disrespectful because there are kids who also like anime.I know that the content and over 18 , but this does not prevent a minor lie age and enter the site ,It is a great disrespect to the characters too, I do not know who draws it but I am totally against , I do not like to see my favorite character stuck in it.

    1. Then it's good, that we live in a free world, and that we are free to do anything we like, as long as it is legal.

      This is legal, so it's completely fine, and it is normal on the other hand. You have your own right to just ignore these kind of things. You searched for this, so it's your own fault. And how is it disrespectful to the characters? This is not real, but fictional. Get over it, that's what I would say. :P

    2. Well Tsunade is a fictional character in both anime and hentai.

    3. This is a hentai blog. The homepage already tells you that the content is fully adult. Reflect on what you are looking for on the web ...