Thursday, November 17, 2016

Size Does Matter After ALL [Studio Oppai]


  1. pfff please hinata is not a bitch... why he didn't draw his girlfriend with another guy and stop insulting hinata. She's always loved naruto and she's not a bitch.

    1. Naru and Hinata are the most plain and boring pairing ever...
      And Hinata is almost as bad as Sakura (Sakura's definitely worse though)
      => When it comes to love between those two, it was always one sided, Naruto showed zero interest towards her while we actually got heaps and tons of hints for NaruSaku...
      Not that I would defend this pairing since Sakura's character has been destroyed beyond repair.
      => And before you do, No ! The movie "The Last" doesn't count for it doesn't illustrate in any way the very concept of the original manga.