Thursday, October 20, 2016

Konoha Depression


  1. oh i can so much imagine sasukes face. entering to the room seeing his wifes face full of cum and his daughter just broken. and then he is like thats about right

    1. Then he kills them all. Starting a new ninja war. After sticking his former friend and wife and daughters head on a pike he rapes Hinata and Himawari and brainwashes Boruto to do the same to other women in the village.

      I might request that on whentai next time

    2. or just gets hinata in and joins them

  2. the image with tsunade, tenten and Sasuke. Please could there be an Itachi version made of this please

  3. naruto: sasuke? sai? what are your wives doing to my wife?
    sasuke: oh that. never mind that, its just sakura being sakura, you know fuck a girl till she breaks.
    sai: well according to sexual fantasies girls like to share some private time together especially when a submissive woman asks to be fucked and double penetrated mercilessly.
    naruto: MERCILESSLY?!!!!!!
    sai: well you know hinata asked for it. besides they didnt take out the cuffs yet.
    naruto: CUFFS?!!!!!!!! ah wth, fuck it. i am just gonna watch this

  4. I need to fuck me a girl silly with my 9 inch cock fuck