Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sakura | in a sennin training


  1. jokes aside, i honestly think that if naruto goes sage mode in sex he WILL break any woman

    1. Well... Not for sakuras, his dick and her vaginal are destinied, borned for each others

    2. actually sweetie i have to disagree there. i mean in sage mode he is SO hard. and i meant it really not erotically his body is stronger than almost any metal that includes his body part down there. i mean i can ONLY imagine how strong his pound can be. i personally think that yes she MIGHT last longer than most others but eventually she WILL break. and i honestly think that with a single pound in me he can so much break me

    3. Well thats true but sakura has Byakugo PLUS saisei, she can heal instantly automaticly very fast, thats why i sayed they are perfect together, and sakura should be happy here how it looks, a dick with that level is just amazing 💕 lucky girl

    4. you might be just right but you think she can handle another clone of him at the same time? like double penetration